Lets Do for Kerala - Contribute Yourself

We the members of team GSHF are here with a proposal of donation to the crisis of what Kerala is going under to help them out in their needs and deeds, we request each class of every branch to contribute from your household stock (if possible) i.e

  1. Blankets
  2. Maggi Packets 
  3. Mosquito Repellent 
  4. Antiseptic Lotion

We hope our helping hands would reach the needy with our maximum contribution and get out of danger as soon as possible.
We hope and pray for their safety and would like to help them more with everyone's help.
Kindly do donate the following items.

Thanking you.


Our honourable chairman

Dr. G. R. Ravinder Reddy

Dr.G.R. Ravinder Reddy

Mr.G.R.Ravinder Reddy, an alumnus of NIT Warangal having done both his B.Tech and M.Tech from it. After completion of his post graduation he had served in the state engineering department for 6 years. Later he joined the police department in direct recruitment as Deputy Superintendent of Police and was elevated to the post of Superintendent of Police. During the training at Police Academy he was adjudged as Best Probationer and was awarded Chief Minister's Pistol and also Home Minister's Baton. He worked successfully in several assignments in law and order, traffic and training wings in the A.P police. As a former senior police officer with a technical background he visualized to set up an Institution of learning where future engineers can be moulded. . A man with golden heart who taken his step further to help the people in the campus. Our chairman sir once again proved that there is no bigger hand than helping hands. We heartly thank you sir.

Our Team